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Messages posted by: ah0b0
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I haven't had anymore problems since the 4.3.2 update.
When I'm watching a video I almost always get interrupted by other numerous apps and their pop up notifications. It pauses the video, and sometimes has a little diifficulty starting up again -- mostly just skipping a few seconds or so. It's a little inconvenient to re-adjust the video. But I'd like to get through a movie without getting interrupted.

If Air Video could have the option to temporarily append the notifications -- say when i'm out of full screen viewing -- it would make a world of a difference!

Notifications can be important and that's why I have them turned on, but I can't go and turn off all my notifications in all my apps whenever i feel like watching a video.

I'm on an iPad 2, and I think Air Video is the best app for it.
Please reply if this works for you.

Also, if anybody knows more about macs and/or knows what the problem is specifically, I'd like to learn and also inform Apple about this.

p.S. - sorry the photos are so big. I just now realized that...
I've been having the same problems as other people with the iPad 2 and video streaming from my PC.
This is on a wireless local network, my server is some windows vista box with Core 2 Duo, 3 Gb RAM and an external harddrive (1TB WD MyBook if you're really interested).

The problem is -- as with many -- that playing the video with "Live Conversion" starts playing after about 15 seconds of blackness (which i assume is it loading converting and buffering, which is fine by me). The video plays and buffers for anywhere from 40 seconds to a minute or so (depending on the set resolution and quality) and then just stops. Dead Cold. I noticed that the timer in the top right and left hand corners kept on going, but the video was frozen.

For me and some others, this also happened for Netflix as well.

Take this video of some guy smashing bricks over his head. It's only 5 min long and a mere 8mb. Any computer can handle encoding and sending it.
(Though these pictures aren't videos, you'll have to take my word for it.) The video is playing fine, but the light gray bar (the buffer) just stops:

Once it reaches that end buffer point it freezes.
1) Froze image:

2) Timer keeps going while video is frozen:

The old workaround used to be to move the "High Speed Scrubbing" line thingie (technical term) at the top back a few seconds, it would buffer for another 40-ish seconds, then freeze again. Rinse and repeat to finish video. Which was all very frustrating.

It seemed like it would buffer all good and well, but it wouldn't keep buffering. Either a bug in the program that wouldn't tell the server to send more video, or a memory issue with the iPad and it couldn't fit anymore. I believe it's a memory problem from the iPad, as described below, but I'm by no means an expert.


So the temporary fix is to Double Tap the menu button to view the "Recent Programs." Tap and Hold down one of the programs until they start shaking and form little red circles and minus signs.
Like this:

Now hit the Red Minus buttons on them to "Close" the programs until they're all gone. (I think that's what the button does anyway.)
Since I just got my iPad a few days ago and tinkered with all my apps, this list went on forever.
Once that is done I streamed the same video again and it worked flawlessly. I upped the quality to maximum quality and it worked fine.
Then I watched "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" on high quality, across a local wireless network to a laptop PC with a video on an external harddrive, and it was beautiful.

Ferris rocks:

So in closing, what I think the problem is NOT is my network, PC capabliites, video format, etc. I think the problem might be with the iPad not closing some programs or something. I'm not sure as I've only owned a mac product for about 5 days.

Hope this helps.
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