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Joined: 01/06/2011 23:51:07
Messages: 1

I'd like to see DNLA, but actually as a server. The current options out there are woeful for a Mac.

Sure I can go out and buy an Apple TV, but I don't want to plug in another device. My TV is a DNLA client anyway (Panasonic Viera VT20).

Here's an opportunity for you guys!


Joined: 01/30/2010 09:26:49
Messages: 3

Hi.Thanks for a truly great application.

This has perhaps been requested before, i havent read all pages...

It would be great if Air Video could use GPU hardware supported encoding on the server, for live conversion.
Especially now when ipads requires so much of the server when live converting 720P .mkvs to iPad native resolution.
It would take lots of heat of the CPU.

Possible or not ?

Edit: on Windows server to start with

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Joined: 01/09/2011 11:59:25
Messages: 1

Hey guys, a wonderful thing that is your app.

I'm not about feature request actually, instead i have a suggestion about your site outlook.

Please, please, please Divide server download for Apple and for PC on your site frontpage. Cause it looks like 1 button to me and probably many others, so i misclicked and downloaded the wrong version.

Joined: 12/31/2010 08:12:30
Messages: 10


I have 3 ideas / feature requests

Subtitles - color option
Choose subtititle color in AV server (standard colors will be fine, or hexa code), I usually watch title in aquamarine color (best for dark / bright areas).

Save conversion profile

I would like to see feature "save conversion profile" on Airvideo client

I am partially deaf, so I have to boost each video I am converting, my idea is have to "save profile" button, which saves following:
Boost volume setting, Subtitle setting, zoom setting and audio choice setting. - it is usefull for converting whole seasons (Star Trek Voyager in my case )

GPU power use request
Currently I am using ATOM 525 for live conversion (I have Asrock Vision 3D as home server
its power is not very usefull for converting HD videos, my idea is to make a live conversion for at least 720p live confersion to be useful
You have all my support to achieve this goal (ask me for anything you want - logs / cpu meters etc), give me a link for 720p video (demo or anything) which I can use for test, (its best to use the same video for multiple users / and various processors to have info ).
I heard about some libx264 which can use OpenCL / or Cuda or any GPU support for conversion, for example DGIndexNV is good.
I understand that its 3d party software, but you may create an interface in airvideo server so it will use 3d party software for converting (so the users which wants to use the DGIndexNV, have to buy it, you just only allows the use of it) I am willing to betatest any such feature. (you may also contact the creators of DGIndexNV, and ask them for discount price for users of air video servers, then 3 sides will get a reward - you because your product will convert video fasters, users - will be happier, due to faster conversion (if they will be willing for pay for DGIndexNV), and the DGIndexNV team for getting more orders (even discounted one, but it still counts )

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Joined: 06/14/2011 17:28:39
Messages: 1

I would like to see an integration with DVBLink so we can watch Live TV using this app. AirVideo does an amazing job with the live conversion. DVBLink does an amazing job capturing the signal. Together it's the ultimate combo!

Joined: 06/16/2011 13:30:35
Messages: 1

gveres wrote:
  • 30 second skip forward during playback - needed to skip commercials and 7 second skip back.

  • OR understand edl files and allow us to skip to the next marked block. These can be processed into the mp4 file as chapters.

  • YES pls.
    Also any other commercial skip detection files: txt, xml, chapters etc.
    This would be GREAT.

    Love the app & server btw.

    Joined: 06/21/2011 08:09:55
    Messages: 1

    I'd like to request a feature. On a MAC you can right click on a file and highlight it in a colour.

    I use this to keep track of which episodes I have watched in a show, as I jump between alot of shows.

    When I view a directory list of files via Air Video it does not reflect the colour attribute of the files, leaving me to guess which episode I'm upto.

    This is my only frustration in an otherwise awesome bit of software.

    Could you please add the functionality to display this file attribute? Maybe even allow me to set this attribute via Air Play so that whether I watch an ep on my MAC or on the ipad I can always update the files I've watched.


    Joined: 04/20/2010 03:54:00
    Messages: 17

    My feature request -

    Real iTunes integration - show watched/unwatched icons, read episode metadata.


    Joined: 06/22/2011 14:47:47
    Messages: 2
    Location: Canada

    Great software but like everything in life it can get better.

    -collapse Multi-part files into a single listing (Movie Part 1, Movie Part 2 = Movie; Film CD1, Film CD2 = Film) and automatically play each file as if it were one larger file. Treat individual files as chapter markers for skipping and/or show the break in the movie's timeline.
    -look for <file name>.jpg and use that image as cover art for the movie file <file name>.mp4 when browsing your collection
    -option to hide file extensions in the listings
    -Fast Forward and rewind buttons to assist precision scrobbling near the start and end of a file. it currently gets a little difficult. How about one-finger hold and drag left/right controls playback scrobbling? no need for video to update live, just change the marker on the timeline until the finger gets lifted.
    -Volume Normalization


    Joined: 04/26/2011 02:24:29
    Messages: 19

    Apple TV2 4.2.2 native iOS player. I know that means jailbreak but I will gladly pay for this app again (through Cydia?) even though I already paid for the iPad version.

    ~ EG

    Joined: 03/07/2011 17:32:01
    Messages: 8

    toulouse wrote:
    4 - Multiple server login accounts/passwords.

    I'd really like to have this as I want friends to be able to access the server, but I want each of them to have their own account so I know if they ever give the password out to someone else I can tell that more than one connection is coming from that account in the logs via ip address check.

    Joined: 07/14/2011 14:36:29
    Messages: 2

    Feature Request....

    Allow Password Protection for EACH shared folder?

    I want to let my kids watch some shows but not ALL of them.

    Joined: 12/08/2011 00:26:43
    Messages: 1

    Feature request..
    I know it's called Air Video..but it would be amazing if this supported photos too. There aren't any good photo browsing iOS apps. The only ones out there are SLOW. Probably because they're transferring the entire photo to the iOS device. Air Video needs to take this over since it obviously has compression handled.

    Thanks for a great product!

    Joined: 12/13/2011 23:22:38
    Messages: 1

    Maybe this is hidden in your forum but I could not see it.

    Cover Art for Air Video.

    I use sapphire on a Mac Mini but also access my Video Library with my iPad
    Could you not import the xml form the user library or at least access the JPG
    folder with the cover art that has been conveniently change to the same name.

    I also have another feature that I would not like to post publicly as its commercial
    potential maybe something larger competitors will be interested in.


    Joined: 12/18/2011 14:23:56
    Messages: 1


    jamesvdm wrote:My feature request -

    Real iTunes integration - show watched/unwatched icons, read episode metadata.

    Right now, I can't even watch videos from iTunes playlists.

    More specifically:

  • Watched/unwatched/current position: Start playing a video from the last place I left off from Air Video, iTunes, or AppleTV. Update watched/unwatched/current position if I watch a video on Air Video so that the video will start in the same place if I watch it in Air Video, iTunes, or AppleTV. Option to hide watched shows. Icon to show if it's unwatched/half-watched/watched.

  • TV Show navigation: Let me dive into Show > Season > Episode like I can on iTunes/AppleTV/iPad Video app.

  • Fix support for videos in iTunes playlists: Right now I can see a list of videos, but if I tap one, the preview video stays black and I can't watch the video. Using the folder structure instead, the same video file works fine.

  • Thanks!
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