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ISO Playback  XML
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Joined: 07/09/2010 15:59:21
Messages: 2

I just registered and like to add my +1

I have 500+ ISO DVD/BD collection; all back up and served by Windows Home Server.

Hope this happens one Day and the big companies like microsoft allow ISO DVD playback on the XBOX 360

Joined: 07/23/2010 02:20:21
Messages: 1

+1 for windows DVD streaming, it can obviously be done, because there is an App for MACs that do it, but there is no PC server:


Also, i dont know what you are talking about with the legalities of decrypting, the point is that as long as the disc is in the drive while its being watched and the drive reads the CSS decryption key there just to decode and display there is no legal issues, otherwise it would be illegal to watch a DVD.

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Joined: 09/15/2010 15:16:30
Messages: 2

+1 for ISO / VIDEO_TS support!

The arguments that say you should transcode everything to an Air Video supported format are ridiculous. Then why not make Air Video play just one format and require all your users to transcode everything to that one format? The whole beauty of Air Video is that is supports several formats out of the box without any hassle. ISO is one format that is used by many of us, like myself. So I think it's perfectly valid to request support for another popular format.

Joined: 05/23/2010 13:34:32
Messages: 3


Much as I am happy to get additional support for the ISO cause I think that your argument is spurious - ultimately if they were making that arguement we'd all rip to Apple friendly format.

I think the argument from the other side is we'll allow you to play the video in a format that is most efficient and widely popular for ripping and swapping video files - a format that Apple doesn't support natively. In fact it's so efficient you should rip your DVD's in this format rather than anything else.

There is of course much to be said for this position and certainly air video give significant value to me in allowing me to play DivX/Xvid files.

The second part of the argument though is the one that has less certainty. It assumes that we value efficiency over anything else. I don't I value ease and convenience.

Joined: 05/14/2010 14:23:31
Messages: 2

+1 for ISO / VIDEO_TS support!

Joined: 02/17/2011 05:40:43
Messages: 1

+1 for ISO/VIDEO_TS support.

I too use Sage and have ripped all DVD's to folders so that the family will have the exact same experience as the real CD. We also like all the special features. I could transcode everything to an Air Video friendly format to suit me better, but it wouldn't suit my family.

Joined: 02/23/2011 04:46:38
Messages: 3

+1 for ISO support. Thanks.

Joined: 02/14/2011 15:36:57
Messages: 6

for whoever mentioned problems playing VOB files, there shouldn't be an issue. they're simply MPEG-2 encoded files, which is obviously an old codec used by DVD's.

i don't mind converting if i have to, a full length feature film takes about 20 minutes to encode on my i7 quadcore with 8 megs of RAM. my main problem with MKV is not the
container format itself, it's the lack of acceptance and implementation in the mainstream STILL. how about, dare i say it --> P-S-3. still no MKV native support unless you're

but, these newer containers (mp4/mkv) are capable of muxing in not only subtitles, but chapter markers as well. if you actually use the 'chapter markers' feature in Handbrake
and play your video back in 1) quicktime, 2) iOS (iphone, ipod touch, ipad) or 3) vlc -- you will see the actual title names, which is great. of course PS3 outright refuses to even
recognize any type of chapters, even though they're there. i think it ignores subtitles too.

this is why my PS3, which i bought mainly for sort of a mini HTPC type deal... gets about 1 hour of use a month. i have switched over to XBMC happily, and i am using ISO rips,
myself... of course i remove all the PUO's and garbage trailers and stuff at the start and any extra features that i am uninterested in -- this is the only way i can find to preserve
the original DVD's menus.

that is the only thing that i can think of that separates ISO or VIDEO_TS structure from container formats, is MENUS! -- and spotty support of subtitles and chapters.

tired of sony taking out features or releasing 700 meg patches to fix security holes in their "super secure" protection. how about adding a new feature in 2011? i don't think i've
seen them actually add a feature in over a year. oh wait.... they added some BS photo gallery maker (who cares, garbage) and ... uhm.. an annoying "what's new" thing that i
immediately cut off.

how about getting some coders on MKV? or MP4/M4V at that? chapters would be a real step forward when we don't have menus to do chapter selections.

ok my soapbox there, just pisses me off that i spent so much money on that thing for them to constantly be releasing worthless firmwares and haven't added a real feature that
made me go "oh... cool" in at LEAST a year.. maybe two.

went XMBC and haven't turned back.

i can say this about AirVideo, which is a compliment... (I love to show it off to friends when they visit, they can't believe how fast 2hr films are to immediately skip around without 10 mins of buffering!)

-- i encode my movies (when i do) in MP4 format... no special sound, just AAC 160 or something, essentially using the "Normal" profile. using the DVD as the source, and encoding it so that the output
resolution closely matches the input resolution (720x480), i can stream these movies with airvideo and have them start playing in 1 second or under. skips around the movie... no problem. takes at most
a second, again... to sync up and resume playing.

therefore, it's a beautiful thing that i don't have to encode a copy at DVD resolution, then another at iPhone resolution! 1 encode works beautifully on both; that saves a ton of time and effort when you
can do that.

i'll be testing out the new beta and see how things go with it.

so all said and done... you've got your people who archive just.. DAO and get the whole image (ISO) and that's how they rip, and then you have your other side of the table who takes the main movie and
encodes to MP4 or MKV. i agree with the admin... when encoded even with the "normal" handbrake profile, there is very little difference to be seen in the source output vs. encoded version. H.264 and
these newer codecs aren't like the old school ones where you're gonna see big macroblocks during movement and this and that... they are much more efficient and higher quality encoders, and if anything,
the MPEG-2 source is what's bringing the whole thing down. now comes the problem of beginning to rip next generation formats (bluray), that are ALREADY encoded in these new high efficiency codecs like
H.264, VC-1, etc. while you can get massive compression on MPEG-2/DVD content using these... what are you gonna do when the content is already compressed using the best stuff out right now? you've
got huge rips is what you've got...

so you're gonna go from usually 750MB-1.5GB (average for my encodes, with imperceivable loss) vs. 30GB... 50GB rips. your 2 terabyte hard drive doesn't sound like a lot of storage anymore, does it?

1GB mp4 --> roughly 1,000 movies per TB
50GB bluray --> roughly 20 movies per TB

BIG difference.

even if you consider the topic at hand... ISO format vs. MP4/MKV, picture a full ISO rip vs. only a main movie encode.

we'll be generous and say that the DVD's are 6GB after they're ripped.
encoding the main movie is gonna be about 1:5 ratio of that.... so on average i'd say that having the full ISO is going to cost you 5x more space than just the main movie, encoded.

now, closing out, i will say, there is nothing wrong with ripping your collection to ISO files. if you're not re-compressing to 4.7/single layer discs... then you're not sacrificing any content.. menus, extras, etc. you have a perfect copy to do what you will with in the future. nothing wrong with that.

in the long run, i can see both sides of this argument being completely valid. hardcore collectors want to have a lossless, perfect replication of the original disc. they want to be able to keep the menus and probably the extras. on the other hand, the support is just not out there. i was shocked when i saw XMBC actually would read/play movies directly from ISO images.

it's a dilemma... but i'm going to look at that VLC stuff that was posted. myself, i have my collection about half and half.... half ISO, half encoded single files.

i just wish we were seeing more support for these two main container formats --- mp4 and mkv. it's not like there's 30 formats. there's two that are used 95% of the time for encodes. at least be able to READ the files, and utilize basic streams inside the container like chapters, at the least. you'd think these programmers were actually busy doing something. i know better, cause like i said... PS3 hasn't seen a new feature since i bought the damn thing.

(and btw, i don't know if it came off like that, but i'm not talking about airvideo developers... i'm mainly talking about... like i said... sony and other companies who STILL haven't included support for these NOT SO NEW containers.)

and what about some FLAC love? open source, lossless... my entire CD collection is encoded in FLAC w/ embedded cues, etc. that's the way to go -- why? because you know in another year or two, mp3 and aac are going to "suck" and there's gonna be some new format that compresses smaller and has higher quality output. rather than having wasted your time ripping your whole CD collection to a lossy format, do it right and rip it to lossless, include the CUE file and the LOG helps too... now what format it goes or doesn't go to doesn't matter. the frequency range goes insanely high (655350Hz), it supports anywhere from 1 to 8 audio streams, and up to 32 BPS (32-bit audio).

sorry for getting on a tangent there... everyone just had a good argument going there. like i said, both sides are fair in their stance. i just want to fight for something too, lol. thanks if you read my rant!

what about something like this? -- (i just found it on sourceforge)


you maybe could use third party code w/ permission to take the task off of your back? -- though, that source code is for *nix... but it was just an idea, since you use FFMpeg to transcode.. obviously you are open to open source software usage.

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Joined: 02/28/2011 18:34:10
Messages: 1

+1 for .ISO and Video_TS support.

I would definitely pay a premium for a version supporting this.

Joined: 03/18/2011 22:48:15
Messages: 1

Ditto for me.

I'd pay an added premium for Video_TS support. I have ALL of my DVDs ripped down to a 10TB RAID 6 and enjoy playing the individual VOBs, but it doesn't transition well between VOB files. I originally ripped them to HD to get the wall of DVD media out of the room and stream to the TV via PLEX, but having the ability to essentially do the same thing with my mobile devices is really powerful.

I love the concept of this product. This just seems like a logical path to consider.

Joined: 06/17/2010 00:29:24
Messages: 4

Yes, I too would like to be able to play DVD ISOs (and BD ISOs) ripped from AnyDVD. Ripping to ISOs is quick and simple, and works great with PowerDVD, so it is convenient, one-format approach. Converting/compressing DVDs is a waste of energy given you can buy 2TB of HD storage <$100. That is roughly 300-500 DVDs for <$100 with no loss of quality. Compressing DVDs is only important if you are streaming over the internet, but not over a LAN.

Joined: 03/27/2011 06:42:22
Messages: 2

woodsjm wrote:SERIOUSLY?!? People - turn on your brains!

Umm turn you own brain on.

We don't want to convert our existing ISO or VIDEO_TS libraries because we watch them at full resolution on our media centers / dunes / XBMC whatever. Having the same stuff at different encodes is a waste of space we want to keep at full resolution and transcode - this means as new hardware comes out we don't need to trendier.

Secondly air video ALREADY plays VOB content stored in VIDEO_TS folders really nicely. All it doesn't have is the ability to navigate the menus - which is sort of essential - this is the hard problem.

Playing from ISO is actually super easy, a ripped ISO is a container of VOB files, it can be opened and inspected in any number of ways from mounting the ISO and reading the VOB or even unpacking similarly to winars support of ISOs.

So the request is super valid for many many of us customers who have purchased.

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Joined: 06/04/2011 11:38:44
Messages: 4

Been a while since anyone +1'd this thread, but please keep doing so! Still no clear message from the devs on why they are reluctant to fix this much requested feature.

VLC Streamer happily streams .ISO-files to iPad/iPhone (but not .IMG for some reason), but the user interface is not as nice as Air Video, and it would be much better to only have one app and one server running, regardless of file format.

500+ ISO/IMG-files on my NAS, not going to convert them!

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Joined: 03/27/2011 06:42:22
Messages: 2

i batch converted about the same number of ISOs for mymovies
i am not sure if the issue is that most folks use ffmpeg as root code and that doesnt have iso mounting capability?

also what is more important to me is that they support menu structures - i haven seen anything that does that?

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Joined: 06/11/2011 07:58:46
Messages: 1

Great app but lacks of major feature. How to become superb??

+1 for ISO/VIDEO_TS!!!!
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