Air Video

Video Streaming for iPhone and iPod touch

I have trouble connecting to Air Video Server

Follow these instructions to troubleshoot the problem.

Can Air Video be used to stream videos outside local network (over internet)?

Yes. See the Remote Access tutorial to see how.

Note that remote access needs an UPnP or NAT-PMP compliant router. If your router does not support these protocol you will have to configure the port forwarding yourself - forward the port 45631 from your router to the computer running Air Video server.

Does Air Video support "Live" Video Conversion?

Yes, starting with version 2.0 live conversion is supported. Live conversion requires iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 or newer.

Video Conversion does not work as expected; Air Video says the Video is added to conversion queue but when I switch to conversion tab the video is not being converted.

Please check if you have sufficient access rights to create files in folder where the video is located. If you have sufficient rights but the conversion still doesn't work, please contact us (attaching the conversion log will help).

Air Video refuses to play some of my M4V/MP4/MOV files purchased from iTunes store.

The files are probably DRM protected. Apple doesn't permit playing such files over network.

Air Video refuses to play some of my M4V/MP4/MOV files.

Those files, even though being in right format, probably have too high resolution or bitrate to be played on iPhone/iPod touch. You can, however, easily convert those files using Air Video.

What is the relation between Air Video and Wi-Fi Video?

Wi-Fi Video is our previous product. After Air Video is released, Wi-Fi Video is no longer on sale. We would love to give every Wi-Fi Video user a copy of Air Video, unfortunately Apple doesn't allow us to do this within App Store and there is no other legal distribution mechanism we can use.